Business Dispute Resolution Through Mediation

You’re involved in a disagreement that could lead to an unpleasant dispute. Be it with a vendor, employee, customer, competitor or business partner. You really don’t want to fight, or you simply want to cease fighting. You’re concerned about the time and expense of going to court that could possibly lead to litigation. Then you and the other party both agree to mediate. Statistically, the chances of settlement are high.

Here is what’s ahead for you:

  • Resolution without serious confrontation
  • Resolution without great expense
  • Meetings times  and locations that work for both parties
  • A documented agreement in hand and ready for legal processing

Even if there is partial or no agreement, you’ve:

  • Charted your own course
  • Identified important issues
  • Clarified misunderstandings
  • Explored helpful, long-term solutions
  • Reserved the option of taking legal action